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Game Masons at GDC 2017


TODAY IS THE DAY, and we are not talking Oscars, were are talking about the Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco. Our fearless leader Matt Fossati will be taking flight later this week to join fellow developers, artists, and other industry folks to talk games. Here are a few things we are looking out for at this years GDC. 

The titan know as VR gaming will be taking center stage at this years GDC and I’m sure Matt will be bragging around the office off all the insane VR experiences he encountered. The biggest application of VR this year we speculate will be Facebook integration.

Talking integration eSports will also be at the forefront of GDC. In fact today Twitch announced that viewers can now directly download games they are watching from any Twitch streams! How will Youtube gaming respond? What does Facebook's rollout look like for online streaming?

Nintendo will be there scouting for 3rd party developers for the Switch, which coincodentally is coming out this week. The Switch was built on Nvidia hardware which is exciting news for developers as this may make porting games to the new Nintendo console a breeze compared to the PS4 and Xbox One. 

Lets not forget the the whole reason we are going to GDC, INDIE GAMES! One of the best parts of GDC is the fact that indie games have the same platform to present there new projects that normally would be eclipsed at other gaming conferences like e3. We will not have a buildout of “Project G” just yet BUT we are looking forward to seeing what our fellow developers have been up to and what they’ve been working on. Also looking forward to the 17th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards which is hosted by Tim Schafer. 

When our captain gets back from GDC we will have a full write up of what went down in SF this past week, hopefully he takes a picture or 2. 

Feel left out? Don’t, download the GDC State of the Game Industry 2017 report for free here

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