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Enter the Dev - Dev Notes January

What a day it has already been, so much going down on January 20th. We have a new president, Radiohead tickets went on-sale and its National Buttercrunch Day!

To add to this Fridays "MADNESS" we here at Game Masons also have a few updates as well. I sat down with our CEO, master of dev, creator of games and buyer of coffee during meetings Matt Fossati to talk Dev notes. Winter is trying to brown the greens but our Game Masons just won't let that happen. We have a few big changes in this update!

  • Well, we did it! We decided that all levels should be available for FREE! Now putt around all 300+ holes with no paywall! We are gearing up for a new real time multiplayer "Challenges" feature in the next update, so start polishing your putting skills now!
  • (iOS Only) Level Randomizer! All Multiplayer Matches will now create a completely random and unique hole! With over 100,000 level combinations, you'll be putting for years before you run into the same hole twice!
  • We have also taken your reviews to heart and decide that we were showing too many ads between levels. We have cut the amount of ads by more than half! We have also added a Remove Ads in app purchase that removes them completely! We are listening. 
  • Lastly, we have clearly marked the prices for all in app purchases! 
  • Please let use know what you think by dropping us a message on facebook or at support@gamemasons.net! Also, follow our next update and new features in our new weekly developer's blog at gamemasons.net/gamerblog/ 

FYI for the future expect us to drop all updates here as this will become a regular thing. 

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