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Playstation VR Games Preview

Its official, in a few short weeks Playstaion will finally roll out its VR gaming rig along with more than a few games for launch on October 13th. If you were paying attention to the PSN store over the weekend many of these titles are up for pre-order. Lets dive in and highlight 3 games on the list to see whats what for the October 13 launch. 

100ft Robot Golf

his may be the whole reason I am purchasing the PSVR system. Missiles, machine guns, rockets, interplanetary destruction all rolled into a, wait for it, golf game!!! From the crazy minds at No Goblin comes a mashup genre busting video game where you hop into a giant mech and battle in epic golf conflicts. Play golf across cities, at the bottom of the ocean and yes, even in space. Welcome to 100ft Robot golf.

Releasing right around when the Ryder Cup is going on, 100ft Robot Golf looks like the perfect VR title. From what I have seen and read up on, 100ft Robot Golf sounds like a mash up between your standard golf game with some combat elements. I am curious to see if there are multiple game modes or if this is more of a linear experience. It is listed as a multiplayer game (up to 4 people) so hopefully you will be connecting with fellow mech golf enthusiasts to battle with leaderboard support. 

If the gameplay is as good as it looks in the trailers No Goblin should be making Rocket League money. 100ft Robot Golf will be available on launch.

Rigs Mechanized Combat League

This is a more of a “Standard” mech combat game where players go head to head in team battles arena style. 

Looking to make a mark on eSports in the Virtual Reality market comes Rigs Mechanized Combat League. The trailer makes this game look straight out of an anime where you engage in team robot battles in an arena until there is a winner. eSports is huge but when it comes to VR echospace in eSports there is a major void. Will Rigs Mechanized Combat League fill that void? Check it out on launch day next month. 

Rush of Blood

Taking place in the “Until Dawn” universe this is a “rollercoaster 1st person shooter” horror game. 

Rush of Blood will have an exploration mechanic that is similar to a “choose your path” one see's in books where the player will make key decisions as the story unfolds. This “choose your path” component will give Rush of Blood replay value when a player finishes their initial run. 

Another HUGE selling point to pick up Rush the Blood on launch is the immersion level of a VR horror game. The immersion one gets from VR has already proven itself and a horror VR experience should scare the headset off of you. OH did I mention there are also clowns in the game. 

There are quite a few more games coming out during the Sony VR release on October 13th that we will preview in the next few weeks. Also it will be interesting to see how HTC Vive and Oculus Rift will respond to PSVR release. Will this hurt or help the competing VR companies? Will there be a shift in developing AAA games to include a VR option? We would love to hear what your opinions are, comment below.

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