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Dash, Jump, Slide, Anticipate!

These are all skills you will need to BECOME A NINJA!

Train to be the ultimate fighter in this 2D scroller! You will need to jump, dash, and flip your way from White Belt to become the NINJA you were born to be! Take the challenge now and download this game. The world needs more ninjas to protect the bullied and downtrodden!

- Ancient Ninja Training System Revealed!
- 12 Different Training Sessions With Over 100 Levels!
- Earn Belts And Unlock Achievements!
- Learn New Techniques With Each Belt Your Earn!
- Perfect Controls Allowing For Devastating Increases in Strength And Power!
- Share With Your Friends And Followers and Elite Ninja Teams!

You are likely to become a world class fighting machine by playing this game. Use your powers for good and remember to always respect your powers! Game Masons and our subsidiaries are not liable for any real life damage our players commit!